Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Kitchen Stools and Breakfast Bar Tables


Your home is the sum of the items you fill it with. Clutter it with miscellany and it won’t impress but with a few shrewd purchases, the most humble kitchen can be turned into a veritable haven. This is where kitchen stools and bar tables come in. These inexpensive items provide customers with a frugal way of giving their kitchen a first-class makeover.

Breakfast Bar Tables


Kitchen bar stools provide a practical way of adding some modern magic to your abode. Less bulky than chairs, these slender items will subtly transform your home without compromising on the comfort factor. Let’s face it: our kitchens are important. They unite family and friends, presenting themselves as the epicentre of good times. However, they tend to see their fair share of chaos too, which is why they need to be customised carefully. Dubious furniture won’t stand up to the strain, which is why designers have created products that are able to tolerate the trials and tribulations of modern life. While the dining chair does this adeptly, the kitchen bar stools  does so with a unique sense of style and assurance.

Kitchen Bar Stools


The charm of the kitchen stool lies in its adaptability. It can be as voguish or as traditional as you like. Wooden bar stools are deeply traditional, while faux-leather remains timeless. ABS, satin and Acrylic Perspex cover the quirkier end of the kitchen stool spectrum. ABS is particularly notable. Light, bright and easy to shape, it caters to the cheekiest of characters. These stools remain popular with both families and hip young professionals, but can also contrast beautifully against old-fashioned interiors. Each type of stool is available in a range of funky colours, meaning that some effectively function as practical party pieces. Unique and utile - is there a better combination?

Kitchen Stools


However, every icon needs a partner, and the kitchen stool is no exception. The perfect companion for one of these chic items is a breakfast bar table. An economical alternative to a pricey breakfast bar, these supportive tables are lavish but just as durable as their popular counterparts. Many have been designed with an accompanying stool in mind, making it easy to come upon a combo that suits. Textured seats and timbered table-tops are a match made in home furnishing heaven, which is why many customers combine leather seats and wooden table tops to arresting effect.

Breakfast Bar Tables

And now for the finish. Most stools and tables are available in a two different types. Chrome is the favourite and something of a golden oldie. A cost-effective option, it is glossy and timeless, having endured from its humble origins as a feature of continental diners. Brushed steel is more subdued but no less popular, and accommodates those who like to keep things clean and crisp. Combined with a sassy faux-leather seat, a brushed base exudes an exquisitely contemporary vibe.

Breakfast Bar Tables

Because both bar tables and stools frequently integrate a height-adjustable gas lift mechanism, the scale of the kitchen can be adapted to suit the individual. This means these items are great for children’s parties. Supportive armrests and sturdy bases mean the stools will keep the little ones secure while many tables are tailor-made to withstand carnage, particularly those completed by ABS or varnished wooden tops. Every kitchen is different, but not all of them capitalise on their full potential. By combining a kitchen stool with a beautiful bar table, you’ll bring your home into the big leagues. What could be more satisfying than that?